Five Tips for Low-Cost Vacations

Five Tips for Low-Cost Vacations

1. Fly from further afield

This may sound silly, but by widening your choice of departure airport, you could save a lot of money. The larger airports carry more flights and that allows airlines to keep prices low. By flying from a bigger airport you could save a lot of money on your flights.


2. Travel out of season

If you’re not bound by school holidays, take the opportunity to travel out of season and fly during the week rather than at weekends. Flights are often cheaper during these times in order to encourage travel, so think about leaving on a Thursday rather than a Friday and see what a difference it could make to the price.


3. Register for updates

Cheap discount vacation travel companies often operate newsletters or email updates to let you know about special offers and last minute deals. Registering for these communications gives you advance information about discount travel, allowing you to take advantage of offers that suit you.


4. Find hotel reviews

Cheap holiday hotels aren’t always good. It’s best to get as much information as you can from the travel company and to go online to look for reviews. This is a great way to find out if you’re booking a great little budget hotel or a place that could spoil your holiday.


5. Book online

You can often get discounts on flights, hotels, car hire and vacation packages if you book online. Make sure that the site you’re booking with has a secure payment system and that you print off your confirmation so that you can call the company with any queries or problems. Use reputable discount holiday travel sites and you could get your holiday for a much cheaper price than on the high street.

It is possible to get great cheap discount vacation with a little bit of research and a flexible approach to travel times.

Tired of the Same Old Hotels?

Tired of the Same Old Hotels?

Make note of any interesting hotels you come across while surfing the Web or watching TV. When traveling pick up any brochures of unique accommodations you find. Many times a hotel lobby will be filled with these little brochures all arranged in a nice little display rack.

Consider staying at a Bed and Breakfast. B & Bs are becoming increasingly popular as each one provides a unique experience over any standard hotel chain. From quiet often charming rooms to great homemade food these are many times cheaper than regular hotels and motels.

If you are traveling abroad and seek a special kind of quiet try a convent or monastery for a truly unique experience. In many countries you can stay for far less than what a hotel would cost with some places only asking for a token offering. Just be prepared to give up some of the more traditional hotel amenities like TV for the peace and quiet.

If plan on traveling to one of the great parks in the United States check into staying at a nearby lodge or cabin. Many parks have on-site accommodations and of course you could always pitch a tent if you really wanted to rough it and save money.

When a friend of mine goes on vacations he looks for condos or homes for rent. This can be a great idea if you are traveling with your family as you get all the comforts of home and can save money buy cooking your own meals.

Many people will do a house swap with you as well but if you happen to live in a spot that might not be very popular with travelers it could be hard finding someone to swap with you.

Going to Europe and into backpacking? You might consider staying at a youth hostel during your continental travels. Many have a dormitory arrangement with shared baths and kitchens but they can be quite inexpensive and you get a great opportunity to meet some interesting people. Just be sure to use a little common sense if you plan on staying in a group environment.

These are just a few of the many options available to the traveler looking for a little more adventure. Keep your eyes and your mind open to new possibilities and you will be rewarded with rich memories for years to come.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Hawaii

Reasons Why You Should Visit Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii is one of the most traveled to and more popular islands. Accommodation is abundant on Maui, from bed and breakfasts to hotels and resorts, to vacation ownership, one could say that the island is indeed a fantastic place to stay. Some of the activities and attractions would include land adventures, sky adventures, water sports and play, and wellness and rejuvenation centers.

Outdoor adventures have to rank in the top things to do in Maui, Hawaii. There are tons of rainforests that people hike or take specially guided hiking tours through. Lounging on a secluded or public beach, just relaxing yourself in the sun and listening to the waves of the ocean would be an outdoor adventure, especially for anyone that works an inside type job. Probably one of the most interesting outdoor adventures to take there would be one of the many professionally guided tours through the volcanoes and mountains. A lot of people like to mountain bike through these regions because of the terrain, it helps keep their bodies in a more fit condition, allowing you exercise in one of the most grueling ways.

The island of Aloha offers a variety of things to do too. There are plenty of services that provide you with sailing trips around the island, or you can take a chance and go skiing on the slopes of the Mauna Kea Crater. Other popular activities on Aloha are snorkeling around all the coral reefs, hiking through the volcanic regions looking at all the ash scars, or just exploring the island in general.

One of the most popular activities among tourists is to take part in the traditional festivities of a Luau show. This is a show that is usually put on by Hawaiian natives which includes certain types of dancing in certain types of clothes or covers put together by the natives, and then a luau feast follows.

Hawaii is mostly known for its unique cultures, but over the years it has been gaining a more popular reputation for its hosting of Arts and Cultural events. Old World offers unique exhibits to look at and they occasionally take these exhibits around the world. They offer lots of cultural celebrations throughout the year, and one of the most popular is a Hula show. Another not to miss exhibit is the Monet which has been a permanent exhibit for years in Hawaii.

Among all the things to do in Hawaii, from going to one island to the next to see exhibits, their cultural diversity, exploring their regions and landmarks, or just to take a vacation and enjoy the sun, climate and sandy beaches, everyone would agree that it is one of the most sought after vacations to take. Family, friends, weddings and honeymoons, whatever the occasion may be, Hawaii offers some of the best features to treat you with a relaxing fun-filled environment.

Most people would think that having a pre-planned set of sights or things to do would be the best idea, but they often change their minds when they arrive there, due to the uncountable features that the islands have to offer. In any bet, a trip to the islands would be one of the most entertaining and unforgettable vacations any person would ever experience in their life.

Top 10 Romantic Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Romantic Vacation Destinations

No matter what anyone says, romance is not dead. More and more couples are choosing to take romantic weekends away in order to spend time together and keep their relationships healthy. Who can blame them when varied working hours and commitments prevent them from spending quality time together at home? There are many romantic locations around the world but very few have the complete package.

If you are looking for that perfect romantic weekend for two, look no further than the top ten romantic weekends away below!

1. Sorrento

Located on the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a haven for couples that want to inject a bit of romance back into their lives. It is a popular location for couples choosing to get married abroad, which exemplifies the loving atmosphere of the city. There are quaint restaurants, guided tours and architectural gems to visit. Bellevue Syrene Hotel Sorrento has excellent facilities and unbridled luxury for couples wanting a special weekend away together.

2. Hawaii

Hawaii is an extremely beautiful state of America, with plenty to see and do. The culture is different, lifestyle is extremely relaxed, and most tourists are drawn into this lazy atmosphere. The fantastic little eateries combined traditional Hawaiian food with modern delights – perfect for a romantic dinner for two! The Maui Seaside Hotel is just one of the great places you can stay, and the restaurant in that hotel is a delight for the senses!

3. Monaco

Unlike other romantic weekend breaks, the romantic air around Monaco is concentrated on glamour and money. The air of opulence inspires romance due to activities such as boat trips in the harbour, shopping in exclusive boutiques and sunbathing on beautiful beaches. The hotels mirror the wealth of the country too. Columbus Hotel Monaco is just one of them that provide top quality facilities that allow you to live in the lap of luxury for the weekend.

4. Venice

There is nothing like taking a gondola on the canals of Venice to inject romance and passion into a relationship. Venice is a beautiful city that offers excellent facilities to shop and sightsee. There are also many cafes and restaurants that provide excellent food and romantic candlelit meals for two. It is a popular destination with couples for that reason. The San Clemente Palace specializes in romantic weekends with great hospitality and luxurious suites for couples.

5. Paris

Paris is the capital of romance largely as a result of the French attitude to love. For example, the Four Seasons Hotel George V offers luxury suites designed for romancing your partner and will book tours and restaurants for couples wanting the best out of their romantic weekend. The whole city has an air of romance that is very rare and is a favourite resort for lovers as a result. A couple can eat in the best restaurants, takes boat trips on the Seine, visit museums and take strolls through the city. There is plenty to do, but every activity only seems to be worthwhile if you share it with a loved one.

6. Madrid

As a city dominated by the Renaissance, Madrid is extremely romantic. There are gorgeous old buildings with breathtaking architecture to feast your eyes on and explore. It is also a centre for the arts, especially the opera and poetry, which is enough to ignite anyone’s passions. The Vincci Soho Hotel is just one of the many hotels you can choose from, most of which actually offer high quality service whilst respecting your privacy.

7. Malta

Malta is an extremely old country with much of its original architecture intact. It has a host of markets, parades and eating places to help you sample the culture. The natural beauty of the country combined with its rural, friendly nature gives love a chance to blossom without distractions. The Corinthia Marina Hotel in St George’s Bay has a view of the sea and exhibits that beauty perfectly.

8. Killarney

Killarney in Ireland may not sound romantic but is the perfect setting for a romantic weekend for two. It is labelled the most beautiful region in Ireland because it offers spectacular natural scenery that should be enjoyed with a loved one. It is a quaint area, unlike the bustling city of Dublin, that allows you to focus your attentions on the one you are with when you visit. A stay at the Victoria House Hotel will you give you the best of both worlds – nature on one side and the city on the other.

9. Marseille

Located in the South of France, Marseille effectively combines the old with the new generation societies. There are beaches, tours of the city and excellent little cafes to sample. The city is a haven for romance because the lifestyle is unhurried and the relaxing atmosphere gives you time to bask in the attentions of your partner. Hotels offering apartments rather than rooms, like the Citadines Prado Castelanne Apart Hotel, also give you the privacy you need to enjoy the break.

10. Florence

As far as culture is concerned, Florence has it all. The architecture, art and opera all serve to heighten your passionate stay. Little cafes litter the streets and provide good food for any couple to enjoy, and the specialist shops serve to make the city appear exclusive to its visitors. The President Hotel, for example, can also give you that impression. It is luxurious, which is just what you need when going on a romantic weekend for two!

Any of the places listed above can help to inject a little romance into your life. They all allow you to relax and rediscover what is really important. So can you really afford to miss out on a perfect romantic weekend for two?

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