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The natural beauty of Croatia is unparalleled. Travelers swarm to this region to see the natural spectacle of vast, flowing waterfalls and terraced pools, deep valleys, rivers, and expansive lakes. Its stunning karst environment was formed by water. Not to add that it boasts a stunning coastline.

Plitvice Lakes

The Croatian lakes of Plitvice are the most well-known, and for good reason. The 300 square kilometer park’s main draws are 16 interconnected lakes that span a distance of 8 kilometers and are connected by gorgeous boardwalk walks. Entrance 1 welcomes you with a breathtaking landscape of craggy cliffs topped with lush forest and waterfalls in all directions. The Croatia Lakes National Park offers a variety of walking options, as well as a shuttle service between the top and lower portions.

Our best advice is to get there as early as possible to enjoy the park when it’s still somewhat calm. Between pools that range in color from vivid turquoise to emerald green, you’ll meander. You are surrounded by lush vegetation in the spring and summer, and a riot of deep reds and oranges in the fall. Even in the winter, you can visit some areas to observe the park covered in a mystical layer of snow. You may stroll along the boardwalks along the river, stop at a few lookout spots for the best panoramas, and take in the enchanting singing of the water as it dances into the pools below from practically every direction.

Plitvice Lakes Private Guided Walking Tour
With 16 lakes, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is huge, and it can be easy to wander around and get lost on your own. Take this Plitvice Lakes private walking tour, and go with a guide through the UNESCO World Heritage Site. When booking, choose if you’d like to explore the Lower Lakes, Upper Lakes, or both. At the end of your tour, you’ll ride a panoramic train back to the park’s north-side entrance. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site during this Plitvice Lakes private tour Walk Plitvice Lakes National Park, and take a few electrical boat rides Ride a panoramic train back to the park’s north entrance at the end of the tour Choose to see the Upper Lakes, the Lower Lakes, or both

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Mljet Lakes

Two of Croatia’s most beautiful lakes are located on the island of Mljet, which has a sizable portion designated as a national park. It’s a simple day journey by ferry from the mainland, such as Dubrovnik, but you may also extend your stay on what is regarded as Croatia’s most picturesque island. Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake) are the names of two saltwater lakes that are well-known for swimming, canoeing, and snorkeling in addition to being great for hiking and cycling.

While the Large Lake’s center is home to a small islet with a former Benedictine monastery that is now a cafe-restaurant, the smaller saltwater lake is typically a little warmer and calmer for swimming. Take a small boat out to the island while you’re here for a spectacular experience and some substantial Dalmatian food or freshly baked pizza. Both the small coves and caves that skirt the coast and the interior of the island near the lakes are worth investigating. 

Blue & Green cave tour with yacht
Discover some of the Adriatic’s best natural attractions on a boat tour from Hvar to the Blue Cave, Green Cave, Budikovac Island, Stiniva Cove, and other sites. On board a yacht equipped with music, comfortable seating, a toilet and shower, and a sundeck, you’ll cruise across the turquoise sea to reach these coastal destinations. Please note, entrance fees to the caves are not included. Cruise from Hvar to the Blue Cave and other coastal attractions on a boat limited to 12 passengers Enjoy a glass of Champagne or welcome drink when boarding the boat Boat features water, a cooler with ice, snorkeling gear, and Wi-Fi for your comfort and convenience Enjoy the scenery as a skipper points out places of interest

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Baćina Lakes

These seven freshwater Croatian lakes are only a few kilometers from Ploče and provide a serene respite from the activity along the Adriatic Coast. Outdoor activities take center stage in this lush, heavily forested depression between the undulating hills, and there is truly something for everyone. Take a long trek or bike ride around the lakes, go birdwatching with your binoculars, go on a boat picture safari, or spend the day kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding.

The final two are ideal for discovering all of your chosen lake’s secret coves and inlets. You might discover a delightfully isolated beach, a sunny area, or a freshwater waterfall. You can spend the entire day on these deserted lakes and hardly encounter anyone, or you can visit some of the laid-back beach bars and cafes hidden along the shore for some companionship, albeit they aren’t very crowded. Before you leave, try some locally produced fig meals or items as the area is well recognized for its excellent figs.

Bacina Lakes Kayaking Adventure
Paddle around the Bacina Lakes—six interconnected lakes—on this half-day kayaking tour in Makarska. Exploring by kayak is the best way to immerse yourself in the peaceful environment of the area, where you’ll see local flora and fauna. This leisurely tour is suitable for all ages and skill levels; the leadership of a guide ensures that all paddlers feel safe and comfortable. Kayaks for two adults and one child under six Light snacks and refreshments Suitable for all ages and skill levels Dry bag provided to store your personal belongings

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Lake Krušćica

One of Croatia’s most stunning man-made lakes, Lake Kruica on the Lika River was made possible by a dam that also inundated a community. The lake’s eerie atmosphere is enhanced by the sunken settlement, which is usually visited by residents who enjoy kayaking, hiking, and cycling there in peace. At this off-the-beaten-path location, you won’t likely encounter many tourists, but the lake is a favorite for weekend or holiday fishing because it has a significant population of large carp and other native fish.

The rocky beach is surrounded by a huge forest that is worth exploring in a kayak since you might find a sunny cove all to yourself. Bring a picnic for the perfect day out! It takes some effort to get here—about two hours from Zadar and three from Zagreb—and it’s probably worthwhile to stay the night. But the lake’s isolation from Croatia’s larger cities is precisely what keeps it a tranquil hidden gem.

3-Day Croatia Cruise
Travel from Split to Dubrovnik in style and a state of deep relaxation with this 3 day boat cruise. Stop at Makarska and Mljet National Park for shore excursions and activities like swimming and snorkeling. Otherwise just relax as you cruise the Adriatic coast and admire the scenery as it passes by. This shared cruise ship accommodates a maximum of 40 passengers. Cruise from Split to Dubrovnik over 3 days / 2 nights aboard shared ship Spend your days swimming, exploring or using the provided snorkeling equipment Several meals, daily cabin service, and a wine-tasting activity are provided Travel and sleep aboard this air-conditioned boat equipped with Wi-Fi

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Lake Peruća

The Cetina River is dammed to form Lake Perua, which slows the river’s flow as it surges through the breathtaking karst environment. This lake is one of Croatia’s lesser-known and less-visited lakes despite being a short day trip from Split (about an hour’s drive), drawing only a small number of visitors looking for solitude, clean air, and the great outdoors.

Along with swimming, cycling, fishing, and hiking are popular activities. Kayaking is one of the greatest ways to explore the lake’s vast size and to feel highly adventurous at the same time, as it is with many lakes in Croatia. You can go on a guided tour or rent your own boat for a few hours so you can explore the lake’s remote coves on your own. Along with various hiking paths that go deep into the nearby hills and forests, the area also has a number of monasteries and chapels.

The Eye of the Earth – nature discovery tour with lunch
Join us on this magical tour throughout the fascinating world of Nature! Look at the eye of the Earth and absorb peace as you never felt it before. Meet locals, get to know theit lifestyle and enjoy an honest treatment. In order to guarantee that we offer personalised expirience, we limit each tour group to a maximum of eight people, so that every member of the group gets the undivided attention they deserve.For full fun Kayak &pedal boats available on Peruča lake 🙂

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