Flying With Pets  

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Flying with pets is not particularly easy for the pet aswell as the owner, but it certainly isn't impossible. Here are some tips to make the process smoother.

1. Call the Airline

All Airlines have differing regulations for traveling with pets, such as pet carrier dimensions, required health certificates, etc. Always check with the airline for their requirements before you book.

2. Airline-Friendly Carrier

Your pet should be able to stand freely, turn around, and fully lie down in the carrier.

Cats, who are especially prone to stress when flying, can be calmed with special sprays designed to reduce feline anxiety.

For dogs, there are supplements that do the same thing as well as prevent motion sickness.

Try Placing a familiar towel/blanket or toy in the carrier with your pet to provide them with comfort and a sense of home.

3. How and When to Crate Your Pet

Crate your pet before entering the airport, which can be a stressful environment.

Exercise your pet as close to departure time as possible.

Fast your pet for four to six hours prior to crating them to fly, so they don't have a full stomach/bladder.

Don't treat the crate like a prison, for example by using a sad voice and saying things like "sorry" when you crate them.

Don't leave anything in the crate (like leashes or loose collars) that can harm your pet.

4. If Traveling in the Hold

If your pet needs to travel in the hold, try to book direct flights. Clip their nails so they don't get caught on anything, and make sure you spend a few weeks getting your pet used to their crate before traveling to reduce anxiety.

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