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Tips for a good night rest on a long flight  

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#1. Mind what you Eat and Drink 
Drink a lot of water before getting on the plane to avoid being dehydrated. Try to avoid alcohol, Yes it will make you sleepy, but you'll only get a couple of hours of non-restorative sleep and try eating something light that you won't have troubles digesting

#2. Plan for Jet Lag 
Try to adapting your sleeping pattern to your destination, by going to bed earlier or later (depending on whether you're flying west or east).

#3. Seat Selection 
Economy seats have little legroom, try selecting a front - but these are often located close to the toilets or alternatively, choose a seat in an exit row.

#4. Red-Eye flights 
Should compensate for the fact that direct flights are usually more expensive. By flying red-eye, you are less likely to disrupt your usual sleeping pattern.

#5. Try Booking a Direct Flight 
Which will create less disruption during your sleeping pattern.

#6. Avoid Screens 
The Light from your laptop and smartphones won't help you sleep. You may think it will because you feel like your eyes are getting tired, but what it actually does, is keep your brain awake and damage your eyes.

#7. Comfortable Clothes 
Change into loose fitting clothing and removing your shoes to release pressure on your feet.

#8. Flight accessories bag 
Keeping your body comfortable and at a nice, rather warm temperature, by packing in a U-shaped pillow, eye mask, earplugs, noise canceling headphones and small blanket if possible

#9. Buckle your Seatbelt over the Blanket 
This will avoid been woken up by the flight attendant who needs to check if you have buckled your seatbelt.


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