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Staying at Hotels with pets  

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Hotels have varying services and restrictions when it comes to checking in with pets. Here are some hotel hacks:

1. Ask Questions Before You Book

Pet policies differ dramatically by hotel. Ask the following questions to ensure you're getting a good fit for both you and your pet:

Are there additional fees for checking in with pets?

Do you have size restrictions?

Are there any resident pets?

Do you offer services for pets (anything from providing food/water bowls to pet-sitting services)?

What are the rules and restrictions (for example are there certain areas I can and can't go with my pet)?

Do you have rooms with easy access to the outdoors?

Are there nearby parks where I can exercise my pet?

2. Book a Hotel With an Outdoor Restaurant or Bar

Having a resort where there are bars with outdoor access and tables or tie-on poles is a great perk and eliminates the cost of  having to book daycare for your pet.

3. Train Your Pet to be Rental-Friendly

For the most part, landlords and hotel owners are worried that pets will make noise, destroy something, leave hair all over the room, or bother other guests. If you can put these fears to rest, you have a chance of getting an exception for your pet.

4. Get "Landlord" References

The key to having a rental-friendly pet is in producing references. Whenever you stay somewhere with your pet, ask the landlord or owner to mention the pet in their reference.

5. Request a Room on the First Floor

Many pet-friendly hotels will assign you a first floor room, but it's always good to ask.

6. Checking-In: What to do First

When you check into your hotel room make sure to bring your luggage, your pet's food, and their bedding in immediately. The smell is comforting and the pet will feel more at home in the hotel knowing that there are things in the room that smell familiar.

7. Toy for Distraction While Checking In and Unpacking

This will keep your pet distracted during lobby meetups, or while  unpacking and organizing the room.




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