Useful tips for tra...

Useful tips for traveling with kids  

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1. Take a stroller

Remember that you will be walking alot on your travels and unless your child is a strong walker, you should consider bringing a lightweight umbrella stroller.

2. Snacks & entertainment on flights

Be prepared to battle hunger, thirst and boredom on long flights. Once you get through security, Pack in some extra dry snacks and liquids, plus some small new toys and activities that your child will love. Take extra pairs of underwear, wipes and a spare set of clothes for you and your child and Remember to Charge up the iPad with new shows and games.

3. Choose when to fly 

day flight - if your child is easily entertained on planes and a terrible sleeper, plan your flights to arrive at your destination and then go straight to bed.

night flight - If you have a child who has no problems sleeping on a plane and who is not easily entertained, then a night flight is better for you.

4. Allocate down time

Try returning to the hotel or apartment after lunch for a rest before heading out for an early dinner.

5. Stay longer in less locations

Try not to see-and-do everything possible in a short period of time and rather focus more time on less locations.

6. Find fun for everyone

Plan activities that give everyone a chance to enjoy themselves.


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