Brazil | The Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival is an annual festival that takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is typically held in the weeks leading up to Ash Wednesday and is known for its vibrant, colorful parades and samba dancing.

The Rio Carnival is considered the largest carnival in the world, with over two million people taking to the streets each day to participate in the celebrations. The main event is the Sambadrome parade, where various samba schools compete against each other by performing elaborate dance routines and displaying colorful floats.

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro has a long history, dating back to the early 20th century. The event is celebrated by all the social classes, but it is the Samba schools that are the true stars of the show. They are organized by neighborhoods and they compete in categories like the best samba school, best float, best costume, and best drum section.

The event is a major tourist attraction and it is considered one of the most famous festivals in the world. The Rio Carnival is also known for its music, costumes, and elaborate floats and it is a way for people to let loose, have fun and forget their troubles for a few days.

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