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Japan | Hanami (花見) Cherry Blossom Festival

March 18 - April 8


Cherry blooms or sakura are the images of springtime in Japan. Consistently around February, you’ll begin to see news reports and magazines giving out information about when the cherry blooms will be in full bloom.

For the most part, the cherry bloom trees will blossom all together geologically in Japan: they initially show up in the warm atmosphere of southern Japan and advance toward the Kanto district, which  includes Tokyo, then up to Tohoku in the north and lastly to Hokkaido. Since cherry blooms normally just remain on the trees for around ten days, or fourteen days at most. This is the perfect time to appreciate the cherry bloom season at its peak.

We’ve compiled a list of estimated forecasts, by referring to previous blooming days in Japan. Take a look at this list beforehand if you plan to book a trip to japan during the cherry blossom season. Depending on the region and the temperature conditions, it can take from five to ten days. After the full bloom, the cherry blossom will begin to scatter.

10 Jan – 12 Feb

Okinawa‘s cherry bloom season starts the earliest in Japan, beginning in mid-January, so there are cherry bloom celebrations and so forth toward the beginning of February to celebrate the full blossom. In the event that you intend to book a trip to Okinawa to enjoy the blossoms, make sure to check blossom forecast ahead of time.

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Kagoshima (Kyushu):
17 March – 4 April

Usually cherry blossom blooms here earlier than in Tokyo, with Kyushu‘s warm atmosphere. Kagoshima in southern Kyushu, for instance, usually has sakura blossoming around March. When booking your trip, make sure to check blossom forecast ahead of time.

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Fukuoka (Kyushu):
22 March – 3 April

In Kyushu, there is a slight slight differences within the regions, however Fukuoka’s cherry bloom season is still earlier  than that of Kanto. When booking your trip, make sure to check blossom forecast ahead of time, as it took a slightly longer time for the flowers to fully bloom in previous years.

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22 March – 3 April

In the Chugoku region, which includes Hiroshima, the season will start slightly later than in Tokyo. When booking your trip, make sure to check blossom forecast ahead of time.

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22 March – 6 April

The old city of Kyoto is hugely popular with travellers during cherry bloom season. Set in the sites of ancient structures you can enjoy the amazing scenery of cherry bloom trees which is a landscape that can only be witnessed in Japan. When booking your trip, make sure to check blossom forecast ahead of time.

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20 March – 4 April

The cherry blossom season in Osaka begins around the same time as Kyoto, Which makes it an ideal destination for travelers to explore two ancient cities in one trip.

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19 March – 4 April

Often, the timing for the cherry blossom season in Nagoya is usually round the same time as it is in Osaka and Kyoto.

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17 March – 27 March

Tokyo‘s cherry blossom season begins in late March. Most people tend to enjoy the blossoms at a spot near a train station, river banks, public parks and usually will be crowded with people over the weekends.

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30 March – 10 April

The cherry blossoms in the Tohoku area, and Sendai, will in general blossom later compared with places like Tokyo. You can view the cherry blossoms alongside the rich normal landscapes. In the spring, koi-nobori, or carp banners, can be seen flying close by the cherry blooms in parts of Tohoku outskirts of Sendai.

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Hokkaido (Sapporo):
24 April – 30 April

Hokkaido is the northernmost region of Japan and has the latest cherry blooming season. During the end of April, you can appreciate the amazing scenery of rows of cherry bloom trees, stretching across lush fields that seems to have no end.

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March 18
April 8
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