Luxury Travel Suitcase with built in USB Charge port


Hanke Rolling Luggage Bag Luxury Designer Suitcase Travel Trolley Case Men Women 100% PC USB Charge Spinner Wheel TSA Lock H9803



Separable Design, Environment Friendly

Each component is independently separable, which makes it easy to sort and recycle the trolley case that has reached the end of its usage life, avoiding non-degradable pollution to the environment.

How to set a new password???

Step 1.The password on the Luggage case is set initially at 0-0-0.
Step 2.Push the “trapezoidal button that has a keyhole”to the right.
Step 3.When this button is pushed furthest to the right, the double zipper heads will then pop up, and the password lock is now unlocked.
Step 4.In the original password, use a pointed object(Pen)to hold the small circle.After you hear a slight sound “Da”,you can take out the pointed object, and next you can reset the new password at this time.
Step 5.Choose your favorite number as your new password (Note:Must remember the NEW password you set)(For example, the password of the test is 6-7-8)
Step 6.Push to the right with a keyhole trapezoidal button again.The small circle will be rebounded to its original position.So happy, your suitcase’s new password is set successfully.
** This is a standard TSA lock and the key is only owned by customs officers.

Additional information


Sky Blue, Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Luggage Size

20", 24"


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