Germany | Oktoberfest

Germany | Oktoberfest

On October 12th, 1810, Oktoberfest started as the marriage ceremony between Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. All of the townspeople were invited to participate in the festival, which took place outside the town gates in the fields. The fields were called Theresienwiese, named after the princess, and the party was such a success that King Ludwig was invited by the townspeople to continue the celebration the following year.

Where is Oktoberfest?
Munich, Germany

The original Oktoberfest takes place at the venue known as “Theresienwiese” in Munich, Germany, which is also known by locals as “Festwiese. Half of the year, the grounds are simply a public park. The tents and fun fair foundations begin their building process around June with a completion date of late September, just in time for the festival to begin. This region hosts 420,000 sq ft of space and is easy to get to from central Munich.

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How to get to Oktoberfest in Munich:

A 10-minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof, Munich’s main train station and an even shorter walk from the Theresienwiese stop on Munich’s U-bahn, which is the Oktoberfest party grounds (the Theresienwiese, locally known as the Wiesn). Not for walking? Calling a taxi is still an option (though It is not cheap ) and around the Hauptbahnhof and the Wiesn entrance you will have your choice of pedicabs. Pick wisely!

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Weather at Oktoberfest:

We’re going to let you in on a little secret… part of the reason why Oktoberfest was moved to September is because the weather is better than during October. It’s been sunny and warm for years, it’s been freezing for years and it’s been raining for years, you can never really be sure. (Or join the Hacker tent in festival where it’s always blue skies and sunshine.)

united states | Imagine Festival

united states | Imagine Festival

Imagine Festival

Imagine Festival has become Atlanta’s largest EDM camping festival, beginning as a smaller two-day downtown affair, with multiple stages each falling host to a wealth of electronic royalty. Proudly independent, organizers call this Festival a living and breathing depiction of the desires and imagination of our guests.’This year, officially Imagine Festival will take place at the Bouckaert Farm, in the City of Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

Imagine Music Festival lineup:

2021 lineup includes Illenium, Kaskade, Gryffin, Liquid Stranger, Dieselboy, Leah Culver, Fisher, Deeper Purpose, Westend and many more.


Some helpful tips:

  • Stay hydrated by wearing a light-weight water pack. Free refill stations are located conveniently all around the venue.
  • Wear music-friendly ear plugs to keep your hearing in tact as songs will feature epic bass drops, which you’ll physically feel.
  • Wear comfortable clothing attire to dance in and bring a change of clothes in case of emergencies.
  • Create a music line-up schedule so you won’t miss your favorite acts performing at various stages.
  • Check out more nightlife and top attractions in Atlanta before or after the festival.
  • Pay attention to festival signs and notices for schedule changes, weather, etc.
  • Stay in one of Atlanta’s airport hotels for proximity to Atlanta, while not being too far from the festival.
  • Upgrade to VIP. The experience will be one of a kind and you’ll be glad you have access to better bathrooms.
  • Come early and attend the Thursday pre-party featuring a late night silent disco.
  • Bring a portable battery charger to remain reachable and update your social media platforms.

At the Imagine Music Festival:

As for the music, check out the schedule of the Imagine Music Festival and the stages where each performance is taking place , so you can prepare which artists you want to see in advance. Get a festival map and work out things by adding your schedule to your smartphone reminder alarm. You don’t want to experience the devastation that comes with missing your favorite performing. Make sure you have time to check out the festival rides, local stalls, great food, non-profits.. and more

Bouckaert Farm in Chattahoochee Hills,
Atlanta Georgia

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Other Events 

riot fest chicago hop on hop off
riot fest chicago hop on hop off
United States | Burning Man

United States | Burning Man

Burning Man experience 

This is a yearly, nine-day gathering in the desert that incorporates creative exhibitions, installations, and music. Burning Man isn’t a Festival. Burning Man is a community of like minded people creating a temporary city. A worldwide cultural movement dependent on 10 reasonable standards. A couple of these standards incorporate extremist consideration (“Anyone can be part of the experience”), gifting, decommodificatios (no cash passes hands at the celebration), radical self-reliance and self-expression, leaving no trace (” We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather”), and participation.

When is Burning Man?
30 Aug – 6 Sep

This event takes place each year during the week leading up to and including Labor Day weekend. Due to the covid-19, When booking your trip, make sure to confirm the dates on the official burning man website.

Where does Burning Man take place?
Black Rock City

The event is held at a temporary location called Black Rock City in the remote Black Rock Desert, in Nevada.
Black Rock City is made up of tents and RVs brought by all participants.

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What happens at Burning Man?

Burning Man does not book any entertainment for the event, but instead encourages participants to perform for the community free of charge. Most People wander around the camps on foot, bicycles, and scooters, cook together, dance, drink, make art, and generally just party. Because no money is exchanged by hands, you can participate in activities such as wine tastings, zip lining, and massages — all given out by various attendees for free.

How many people attend?
70 000+

More than 70,000 people have attended in the years before. Those who attend Burning Man, called “Burners,” include celebrities and wealthy tech CEOs. If you wish to attend, you should not wait to get a ticket, as the event typically sells out very quickly.

Cost to attend?
$425 – $1,400

Although you don’t need to spend any money once you get there, its definitely not free or cheap. Most tickets sell for $425, according to the event’s official website, and you’ll also have to purchase a $100 vehicle pass for each car you drive in. Approximately 4,000 pre-sale tickets are available starting in mid-March, at $1,400 each. Kids 12 and under, can attend for free.

CNBC estimated that the total cost of attending the event could range from $1,300 to $20,000, including transportation, food, camp fees, costumes, and gifts.

How long does it take to drive there?

The nearest large city to Black Rock City is Reno, about a 2.5-hour drive away, according to Google Maps. From San Jose, it’s about 6.5 to 7 hours, and between 6 and 7.5 hours from San Francisco, depending on the route. If you’re coming from Los Angeles, the drive will take you at least 9.5 hours.

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Burning Man festival - Black Rock Desert, in Nevada | United States
Burning Man festival - Black Rock Desert, in Nevada | United States
United States | Outside Lands Festival

United States | Outside Lands Festival

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival

As one of the most beloved San Francisco music festivals, the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival has made quite a name for itself for over 10 years. This special festival of music and art features a broad range of musical talents, art installations, and good times, of course!

Outside Lands lineup:

Tame Impala, Lizzo, The Strokes, Tyler, the Creator, Vampire Weekend, J Balvin, Kehlani, The 1975, ZHU, Young Thug, Khruangbin, Beach House, Bonobo, Nelly, Brittany Howard, Burna Boy, Melanie Martinez, Polo & Pan, Big Thief, TroyBoi, Angel Olsen, SOFI TUKKER, EARTHGANG, Tones and I, EOB, Sharon Van Etten, Marc Rebillet, A R I Z O N A, JPEGMAFIA, Dr. Dog, Shiba San, Boy Pablo, Rico Nasty, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, DRAMA, Trevor Daniel, 070 Shake, The Midnight, Moses Sumney, mxmtoon, Parcels, Dijon, The HU, Mahalia, Yung Bae, Bakar, The Soul Rebels, Hinds, Caroline Polachek, Yves Tumor, Crooked Colours, Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever, Scarypoolparty, J.Phlip, Marc E. Bassy, Julia Jacklin, Badshah, Goth Babe, Neil Frances, Cam, Rexx Life Raj, The Beths, Resistance Revival Chorus, ODIE, Noga Erez, Madeline Kenney, Remi Wolf, Post Animal, Evann McIntosh, Nap Eyes, Neal Francis


Food & Drink:

Don’t just explore your musical senses, explore your favorite tastes with tastings of food, wine and beer from Northern California’s most talented culinary minds. Discover the Bay Taste, Wine Lands, Cheese Lands, and a Bubble Tea Party where boba tea can be enjoyed in the woods in a magical fairyland.

Take in the arts at the festival:

Notable Bay area artists will showcase their new creations with sculptures, live-painted murals, and other imaginative projects to bring a touch of colour and excitement to the festival, all bringing another level of imagination to the festival.

Golden Gate Park

If you intend to stay and enjoy the festivities over the whole weekend, you will need to find hotel accommodation as there is no camping permitted at the festival.

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Other Events 

Outside Lands
Outside Lands
Haro Wine Festival, Spain

Haro Wine Festival, Spain

Batalla de Vino, a.k.a. Wine Battle, is as sticky as it sounds. The residents of the La Rioja town of Haro get together around the day of their patron saint, Saint Pedro, to pelt each other with wine.

The dress code is simple: wear a white t-shirt that you fully expect to become grape-purple by the end of battle. Following mass led by the town’s mayor, fill up your water pistols and buckets with La Rioja red, and prepare to get sprayin’.

Where is Batalla de Vino?
La Rioja town, Spain

The Haro Wine Festival is held each year from the 28th to the 30th of June with the major focus being the Haro wine battle itself. Most combatants adorn the traditional red and white garb, then at 7am on the 29th, follow the mayor of Haro (who is on horseback) on a 7km procession out of town, up into the cliffs of Bilibio, to the Hermitage of San Felices. A flag is then ceremoniously located, and a short mass is endured before red, wet carnage ensues, and everyone covers each other with wine splashed from all manner of containers like buckets, cups, bottles, jugs and even water pistols.

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How to get to Haro wine Festival in Spain:

Haro is 
deliberately set for ventures by street, since it has fabulous street joins with numerous of the most bigger cities of the northern half of Spain, such as Vitoria, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Burgos, Pamplona, Valladolid and Santander, and it lies on what is known as the Ebro Valley Pivotpermitting great joins with Logrono, Zaragoza and Barcelona. The town is found 42 kilometers from Logrono, 42 kilometers from Vitoria and 95 kilometers from Bilbao with fabulous driving joins both by fundamental street (N232) as well as by motorway (AP 68).

The least demanding and closest worldwide air terminal to fly into in arrange to exchange to Haro for the Wine Battle is Bilbao Universal Airplane terminal on the Northern coast of Spain. There are numerous day by day flights into Bilbao from a number of diverse European goals and nations and we prescribe to discover the leading flight deals. After arriving in Bilbao through plane you may have to be enlist a car or take a prepare or transport to Haro. There are also coordinate transport associations from Santander (not the air terminal but the central transport station) to Haro and there are many flights into Santander each day from Universal goals too. Get the best flight deals >>

The course from Bilbao to Haro is served day by day by 2 trains taking off from the station of Bilbao-Abando Indalecio Prieto and arriving at to the station of Haro. The normal travel term is 1 hour and 50 minutes. The primary prepare withdraws Bilbao at 06:30 and the ultimate prepare leaves Bilbao at 15:20. Quick trains from Logrono to Haro take approximately 36 minutes and there are visit administrations on the rail course between Logrono and Haro with 4 flights per day and frequently additional administrations are included on a end of the weekStrolling from the train station to the Haro Camping Location may be a brief walk (on the level) of as it were 15 minutes. 

From the Bibao central transport station there are coordinate buses leaving from Bilbao and arriving at Haro. The travel takes around 1 hour, 5 minutes.


Weather at Haro wine Festival:

Warm Climate Clothes: Don’t disregard to pack a few clothes for the end of the week. Dress is lovely casual all through the complete Haro Wine CelebrationOn the off chance that arranging in development, it’s best to pack for both hot and cool climate. There have been a few Wine Fights in which heatwaves brought evening temps to 40° C (105° F). But it’s more the standard to anticipate high temps around 30° C (within the 80s F). However indeed on those especially hot years, morning temps are still cool, beneath 20° C (within the 60s F). So arrange your dress in like manner.

Essentials to bring for the festival:

White shirt: Pack a white shirt you don’t care about. This is the tradition to wear to the Haro Wine Battle.

Squirt guns: Do bring any squirt guns or other means you wish to use to deliver wine onto other people. But if you don’t have anything to spray with, don’t worry – you’ll be fine to just dump the vino directly from whatever container you have. Yet water guns certainly make the process a lot more fun.

Wine! If coming to the Haro Wine Festival on your own, be sure to bring wine, of course. While there’s plenty of red wine being splashed around at the hill, none is for sale there. You must bring your ammo with you.

Mask or goggles: You may want to bring a mask or goggles, as this will help to keep the wine from stinging your eyes while in the midst of the wine battle.

Bathing suit: Bathing suits are a good idea to take a dip in the nearby river or at the pool that Stoke Travel has at their campsite.

A towel: You’re going to get soaked in wine. You’re also going to shower.

Old shoes or sandals: Your shoes are going to get drenched in red wine during the wine battle. Don’t dare wear any nice kicks you love to the wine fight.

Sun protection: It can get hot in Haro and it’s usually very sunny during the end of June. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Due to the COVID-19, many events have been canceled or dates have been resheduled.
Always check official sites before heading to an event.

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