Bali | Kuningan

Kuningan is a Balinese Hindu festival that marks the end of the Galungan celebration, it is celebrated every 210 days according to the Balinese calendar, it is the last day of the ten-day Galungan period. It is considered a sacred day of gratitude and remembrance, and is a time for honoring the spirits of deceased ancestors who have visited the earth during the Galungan festival.

During Kuningan, Balinese Hindus will make offerings and perform ceremonies in their homes and at their local temples. They will also make offerings at the graves of their ancestors and perform ceremonies to send the spirits back to the spiritual realm.

In addition to the religious ceremonies, Kuningan is also a time for socializing and visiting with friends and family. People will share traditional foods and drinks, and may also participate in various cultural activities such as traditional dances and games.

On this day, the bamboo poles or penjor that were erected during Galungan will be taken down and the decorations removed. It marks the end of the Galungan celebrations and the return to normal daily life.

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